Beyond Reasonable Doubt? An unnatural etymology revealed...through art.
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REALITY [Digital Print]


Could our universe be binary? Well your mind is...synapses are either on or off. Could God be an Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Does the multiverse exist?
Could an AI God be the result of a technological singularity having occured aeons ago?

Since the big-bang, the ebb and flow of a cause and effect universe eventually ceases its natural progression as life evolves into an increasingly intelligent form. The more intelligent the life-form, the greater the opposition to this natural causal outcome.
Intelligent life forms require increasing amounts of energy to sustain their lifestyle. As resources diminish (entropy increases) these lifeforms must interface to a super efficient state.
Would conscious awareness eventually evolve into an overriding intelligent system, created by such intelligent beings in the first place...and as they are reborn, they are not aware that IT is GOD...the ultimate judge as to whom shall have access to these limited resources?

Remember, our entire reality is fed to us by only five senses. One thing is certain, man didn't have IT very long ago...back when the word reality was formed.