Beyond Reasonable Doubt? An unnatural etymology revealed...through art.
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Before you proceed to view the actual artwork, consider these few instructions...

The English language has logical anomalies riddled throughout. The etymology that formed these anomalies is far from natural. My argument is that the panentheistic God brought about these logical anomalies within the English language, the language that is now the common protocol for communication around the world.

I breakdown words into sub components. It may be an anagram, or may be picking apart actual lettering within words, such as...

ANARCHY becomes AN ARCH Y...

I always use the Y to question the inner meaning or logic within the word...WHY?
Well? Take out any stone of an arch, like anarchy ripping at the foundation of civilised society, it will collapse.

Phonetics are also key...

C becomes See or Sea
O becomes Oh or Owe
U becomes You
R becomes Our or Ah or Are...well, I think you under_stand.

It's really rather PRO_FOUND